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Itchy Skin

Our water softener provide relife from Itchy Skin

Dish Spots

Our water softener provide relife from Dish Spots

Dry Hair

Our water softener provide relife from Dry Hair

plumbing Repairs

Our water softener provide relife from plumbing Repairs

Dull color of cloths

Our water softener provide relife from Dull color of cloths

Indffcient Appliances

Our water softener provide relife from Indffcient Appliances


Water Softeners & Filters

Hard water has a very high degree of Magnesium and Calcium and therefore, it brings along a host of problems every day. The presence of these chemicals in the water you use for washing your clothes or bathing, is not only reducing your appliances life by 50% but also makes your clothes turn paler and affect your skin & hair.

We can help you to healthy life style

But not anymore. With DK ZARA Solution uniquely designed, advanced water softeners, you don’t need to get worried. Now, you can keep your hair and skin healthy with these domestic Water Softeners, that converts hard water into soft water in your homes.

Protect Your Dream House With Our Product Don't Let Hard Water Spoil It !!. Highly Trained & Professional Service Engineer


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Good quality of products and quick response. The best quality they maintain in every product. When it comes to service they provide a very good service.

Saravn R.

They have ample of water softeners available with them. Their products are of top quality and with all important certification. You can buy it very confident and you get a decent warranty and guarantee for your products.

Manish Soni

We have received nothing but excellent Service from this company. They are always prompt with their quotations and will keep you posted with your order's progress.

Savitha S.

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Our best selling products that are water softneres and water filters. We have all type of water softeners manual and automatic

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